Implant “Overdentures” – Dental Implants  to anchor your dentures !


Do you suffer from dentures that wobble, rub, fall out,  and generally cause you difficulty and embarrassment ? Do you feel that you cannot chew your food adequately and are you concerned about your lack of nutrition?

Dental Implants offer an excellent solution to stabilise new dentures and ensure that these do not wobble or fall out. Implant over-dentures are a more economical option to restore the jaw than a full mouth bridge, however one of our implant surgeons can guide you on the best approach.

After implants are inserted into the jaw, they are connected to an attachment, which may take the form of a clip, ball, or bar. This then snaps into your denture which instantly becomes stable and more comfortable.

Implant over-dentures  will therefore:

  • Stop dentures rocking
  • Stop ongoing soreness of mobile dentures
  • Help you enjoy your food by having stable teeth
  • Improve comfort, quality of life, and your confidence

For simple over-dentures, we frequently use a system known as the Locator system. This is a tried and tested resilient stud retention system.

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